30 Billion STASH Tokens Burned


We have a wonderful announcement to make to the BitStash Marketplace community and crowd sale participants! After the competition of the STASH Token crowd sale we were responsible for burning all unsold STASH Tokens. The entire team at BitStash is happy to announce that today we have officially burned all unsold STASH Tokens. There are still disbursements that need to take place for the bounty participants, we have started sending tokens to those that participated. Additionally we are also in the process of creating lock safe wallets that will be used for team accounts & the company reserve funds. More announcements to follow regarding the next steps to be taken by the BitStash Marketplace.

Verify STASH Token Burn here

You might be asking what does the STASH Token burn mean for you?
  1. Reduced Total supply of STASH Token
  2. Appropriately setting supply and demand for STASH
  3. A more scarce token supply for holders
  4. + More benefits we will cover in future announcements