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What is BitStash?

BitStash (STASH) is an open sourced public blockchain platform, incorporating the use of smart contracts, UTXO model, and PoS. BitStash is a Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) Proof of Stake cryptocurrency, simplifying blockchain technology for commerce.

UTXO Model

By using the Unspent Transaction Output Model derived from Bitcoin, we are able to provide the highest level of security.

Smart Contracts

By using the EVM & x86 VM derived from Ethereum, we are able to expand the products being created on the BitStash Blockchain.

Proof of Stake

BitStash is a Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) allowing for specific blockchain settings to be modified by stake holders.

Value Transferring

STASH is a cryptocurrency with a limited max supply. Every transaction on the BitStash Blockchain is value being transferred, instantly.

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User-Friendly Smart Contract Platform

BitStash is a safe, secure, and stable development environment where creators can issue smart contracts, enable user-friendly contract coding, and more anywhere in the world.

Modular Decentralized Application Platform

BitStash is a modular decentralized application platform, capable of working with existing blockchain infrastructure, and is adaptable to include new technology with ease.

Enterprise Speed Blockchain Services

Bring blockchain to your enterprise with BitStash, inquire for details and getting started.

Developers – Participate in the development of BitStash, Bounty Programs, and other Incentives.

BitStash Wallet

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Latest News & Updates

Latest updates from BitStash.


BitStash planned development & improvements.

Q4 (2020)

  • BitStash will be taking a step away from being an ERC20 Token. BitStash will be hard-forked from QTUM Blockchain and the BitStash Blockchain and STASH Coin will be created.
  • The Max supply of STASH will be drastically reduced and a token swap will occur. All details regarding this will be released at the appropriate time ensuring all holders of STASH will receive their new coins.
  • For the users who prefer Ethereum, we will be creating a wrapped STASH token compatible with ERC20 Token wallets. More details to follow.

Q1 (2021)

  • In the past, we have been approved to list on many top level exchanges, so entering 2021 we will be announcing new exchanges in which STASH will be listed on.
  • BitStash Mobile Wallets will be developed and released on both Android and IoS platforms so users can easily store and transfer coins on the go.
  • An updated whitepaper outlining the future of BitStash, tokenomics and all use cases is in the works and will be released.

Q2 (2021)

  • The BitStash Team will be introducing De-Fi and asset backed stable coins to the BitStash Chain.
  • Enable projects to create tokens and launch ICOs on the BitStash Blockchain.