BitStash Blockchain Crypto Airdrop March – May 2021

Take part in the BitStash Blockchain crytpo airdrop that is happening right now until the end of May 2021. Join the BitStash official telegram to get started.

To join you will need to interact with your Telegram bot to add @BitStash_Airdrop_Bot. Once launched you will do the following steps in order:

  1. Download the BitStash Wallet.
  2. Join the official telegram.
  3. Follow the official twitter.
  4. Follow the official reddit.
  5. Optional (Buy STASH on Uniswap).
  6. Claim your STASH by completing the form.

Make sure you are only using the Official BitStash Airdrop bot and not another bot. Double check the the username of the bot: @BitStash_Airdrop_Bot

We will never ask for your private keys, seed phrase, wallet recovery files, or anything that would risk you losing your funds. The only information the airdrop bot will ask for is your BitStash wallet address that starts with a “B”.

Airdrop Rewards

There will be pooled rewards, and also other incentives for users to get involved. Reward pool will total over 200,000 STASH!

Airdrop Pooled Rewards: (everyone that claims STASH and completes the required form) will receive an equal amount amongst all others that have joined from the STASH reward pool.

Liquidity Provider Rewards: Those that have decided to buy STASH on Uniswap and add liquidity to the pair will also be awarded. There is a pool of 80,000 STASH for liquidity providers that join the pool. Based on your % to the pool will determine your overall airdrop amount.

Looking to join the Uniswap liquidity pool or trade STASH on Uniswap? Go here:
Make sure the token contract address is: 0xe4f356ecce6fbda81ecdea2e38527e59422861c2

Join the Airdrop

To join the airdrop you will need to first join the BitStash Telegram group here.