BitStash Blockchain Nearing Final Development Stages

The BitStash Blockchain is nearing the final development stages and is currently running without any issues. Please keep in-mind that there is still extensive testing that will need to be done before we can officially release the wallet. At this time the team is also considering multiple methods in-which can be used to facilitate the token swap that will need to happen for any existing or current holder of the BitStash ERC-20 token. (More information to follow in a later update).

Sneak preview of the BitStash wallet (Ubuntu)

Below is a sneak preview of the BitStash wallet on Ubuntu. All major platforms will be supported for desktop: Windows, Ubuntu, & macOS. Mobile wallets for Android & iOS will be coming at a later date.

What has been completed to-date

The following has been completed as of now. The hard fork of qtum has been officially completed and we have modified the following blockchain arguments in order to achieve our vision.

  • Each block reward 35.7 STASH, and halving every 4 years.
  • All Addresses Start with B
  • Initial Supply being 30,000,000 STASH
  • And other minor changes

What needs to still be completed before launching

The following still needs to be completed before launching and is currently under active development. There will be more upcoming updates as progress has be made on these tasks.

  • BitStash Blockchain Explorer
  • Smart contracts to migrate from token to coin.
  • Smart contracts to migration back and forth from coin and updated token on ethereum. (cross chain / wrapped token)

More detailed information

This section is to go in-depth on some of the things referenced within the update.

Block Rewards

The current block reward chart is as follow:

First 4 Years — 35.7 = 35,182,350.00000 STASH
Second 4 Years — 17.85 = 17,591,175.00000 STASH
Third 4 Years — 8.925 = 8,795,587.50000 STASH
Fourth 4 Year — 4.4625 = 4,397,793.75000 STASH
Fifth 4 Year — 2.23125 = 2,198,896.87500 STASH
Sixth 4 Year — 1.115625 = 1,099,448.43750 STASH
Seventh 4 Year — 0.5578125 = 549,724.21875 STASH

Total reward after 28 Years = 69,814,975.78125 STASH

After 28 years: PoW + PoS + FirstBlock = 30,184,974 + 50.21875 + 69,814,975.78125 = 100,000,000 Max Total Supply