BitStash Identity Improvement (Logo Redesign & More)


After receiving feedback from our community members, we have come to the realization that in order to spread our message more effectively to future supporters of BitStash, we would need to make some upgrades. Over the past couple weeks, we have been working towards redesigning our brand identity as well as being able to showcasing all key elements and solutions of BitStash.

BitStash is more than just a marketplace where vendors and consumers can list or purchase products. BitStash provides many solutions that will help bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the utilization within mainstream society. The BitStash Marketplace serves as a prime example of what we are looking to achieve within the space and provides a real use case for the STASH token.

We are pleased to show you the new BitStash website which will act as a hub for all solutions under BitStash. The domain for this can now be found at The BitStash Marketplace is still 100% functional but the domain has moved to The marketplace can also be accessed via under the “Core Solutions” section.

To compliment our new visual identity, we have taken the initiative to create a more professional yet simple logo that can be used at any size; on CoinMarketCap, as app icons, marketing material and advertisements of all types.

These are the designs we have chosen to represent the BitStash Platform

BitStash Identity Improvement (Logo Redesign & More) 1

You can download the logo pack to use here: