BitStash Marketing & Advertising Has Started


As described within our Roadmap we have started advertising and marketing of the BitStash Marketplace. You may have already seen some of our adverts across various Cryptocurrency related sites already. Starting in the Month of January 2019 we aim to reach over 1 million new users and introduce them to the BitStash Marketplace.

BitStash Marketing & Advertising Has Started 1

In just the last two days we have already reached more than 48k people and are on track to reach our goals soon. Additionally we will be offering a complete in-house affiliate program to allow our community to earn for referring new users to the platform. The details will be announce at a later date.

At this time we are also starting our vendor / strategic partnerships as well. If you would like to become a strategic partner with BitStash or know of a brand / organization that could benefit from a mutual partnership please reach out to