BitStash Marketplace Improvements (Feb. 18th, 2019)


The team at BitStash have been working on making a smoother and more understandable experience while browsing various products you are interested in purchasing with Cryptocurrency.

BitStash is centered around innovation and improving our existing products and services. While browsing the marketplace you can now view the product cost in STASH as well as USD. This is in efforts to further our vision in creating an understandable pricing that consumers can comprehend and easily use.

All product pricing is in real time and will change based on the market fluctuations. While using the Cryptocompare API we are able to easily convert the USD price that products are currently displayed in to now provide both USD prices and STASH prices for all products and services.

As development progresses be on the lookout for more updates, changes, and overall improvements to the existing and working BitStash Marketplace where you can buy or sell just about anything with STASH a Cryptocurrency.