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Hello BitStash Community,

We are pleased to announce STASH has been listed on Radar Relay as of 6/5/2019. Now STASH can be traded against WETH (STASH/WETH) and DAI (STASH/DAI). Using the Radar Relay decentralized crytpocurrency exchange, is very easy, simply connect to your Ethereum wallet via Meta Mask, Ledger, Trezor, or with Fortmatic. While trading on Radar Relay, you will be able to take advantage of Fee FREE trading until fees are introduced. Learn more here.

How it works, essentially you use your ethereum wallet to place an order. Similar to IDEX or other decentralized exchanges. Radar Relay will broadcast your order, find a match, and disseminate that information to the Ethereum blockchain via the 0x protocol. The 0x protocol then uses smart contracts to complete the order on the blockchain.

Radar Relay is a decentralized exchange which focuses on ERC20 Tokens. Any user looking to trade or buy STASH on Radar Relay does not need to create an account and all funds are held by the the owner of the asset.

Radar Relay Features:

  • No Sign-ups
  • No Deposits
  • Easy Wallet Integration
  • On-chain Settlement
  • Wallet Portfolio
  • ERC20 Token Transfers

Why Start Trading on Radar Relay?

Trading cryptocurrencies doesn’t have to mean losing custody. Use RADAR RELAY to maintain control of your ERC20 tokens while trading directly from your wallet. Trade when you want, where you want, without a middleman.

STASH Trading Pairs on Radar Relay:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions.

You can acquire STASH from multiple exchanges online right now. Take a moment to view the the recommended cryptocurrency exchanges for getting STASH on our Exchange List page. You can also earn STASH from one of our many solutions.

Simply put STASH is a utility. The STASH token was created and is used for facilitating transactions and storing this data on the the blockchain. Several solutions have been and are currently being developed to interact with the STASH token in various ways. By holding STASH there is no promise of return nor a guarantee in any profits. STASH is not an investment contract and should not be viewed as such. The use of STASH is to act as a means of exchange for services, products, and goods.

Anyone can get involved with STASH, we encourage third-party development or DApp development for the use of STASH. Have your solution become featured on BitStash, plus even be rewarded in STASH. Not a developer, but want to help us grow the community? Reach out via email to get involved:

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