BitStash Telegram Airdrop & Bounty Distribution Ongoing


In the month of October BitStash Marketplace conducted a few bounty and airdrop campaigns for the community. This allowed for BitStash and the STASH brand to gain awareness across various social media platforms.

Results from the campaigns
Twitter Followers: 1,497
Facebook Followers: 2,918
Telegram Group Members: 24,523
New Registered Members: 1,739
Total Marketplace Visits: 245,226

Our primary goal at BitStash is to constantly reach more people and build the awareness around cryptocurrency and the STASH Token. The BitStash Marketplace is a go-to for some crypto enthusiast to buy things. Think of BitStash as Amazon but with Cryptocurrency.

How will tokens be distributed?
Members that joined our telegram airdrop will receive 3050 STASH tokens each, this amount equals $50 usd at ICO prices.

Bounty member participants have already been distributed STASH tokens. If you have any issues regarding missing bounty payments please send an email to include your ERC20 address and details regarding your work. Cut off date for bounty participants to submit complaint is Jan 29th, 2019.