Compatible with New Meta Mask Connection


On November 6th 2018, MetaMask introduced an optional “Privacy Mode”. This new method of connecting will allow dapps to view your account balances, or easily create transactions in tokens with your permission. Our order processing and escrow system have been updated to facilitate transactions in STASH tokens as usual. This was originally a breaking change with our codebase. However after modifying core files required to conduct the transaction in STASH Tokens we have officially included the MetaMask Privacy Mode within our Decentralized Marketplace.

Now when you are completing a purchase at checkout you will be requested to “Connect” or allow “View Access” to your Ethereum account. You will be presented with a screen similar to the following. It is important to note this does not allow our dapp to conduct transactions on your behalf. You will always be required to confirm or reject a transaction with STASH Tokens.

Compatible with New Meta Mask Connection 1

Once you have connected to your MetaMask account that is holding STASH Tokens you will be able to proceed as normal with checkout and depositing STASH Tokens into escrow during purchase.