Completion of First Campaign with Growth Partner Refereum + First Month Rewards Delivered


BitStash is always looking for innovative ways in which we can grow our solutions and brand. By partnering with Refereum we have been able to accelerate our community growth and engagement on the platform at unbelievable rates.  Over the next few campaigns, we will be including even more tasks and ways in which you can earn while using the BitStash Marketplace. The total actions for the month of April reached over 44,000 and has allowed BitStash and the BitStash Marketplace to grow our social media channels significantly. As the BitStash Marketplace continues to use the Refereum Growth Engine, we anticipate the awareness of BitStash will continue to grow.

BitStash has also seen some positive success in getting the flywheel started on the marketplace, however there is still a long way to go to have a viably substantial ecosystem. This is all wonderful news regarding the growth and development of BitStash and the BitStash Marketplace. BitStash would specifically like to thank all the participants that joined and helped spread the word, your work is greatly appreciated along with Refereum for being our direct growth partner.

At this time all participants have also been rewarded based on their ranks and account level during the campaign, take a moment to view your wallet balance to verify that it has been received.  You can verify the rewards payout by viewing the following transaction id here:

Breakdown of Actions / Tasks Completed by Weight:

  • Check In 27.84%
  • Referral 23.34%
  • Twitter Follow 11.40%
  • Facebook Follow 11.31%
  • Twitter Retweet 9.79%
  • Facebook Share 9.53%
  • Telegram Link 3.78%
  • Telegram Join Channel 3.01%

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