Earn Rewards for Buying Products with Cryptocurrency (Powered by Refereum)


Starting today, March 14th, 2019 you can officially earn rewards while shopping for products with cryptocurrency. The BitStash Marketplace has partnered with Refereum and their Growth Engine for growing, mobilizing, and rewarding our community. Utilizing the Growth Engine widget by Refereum, we are able to create custom actions or tasks that are verified on our platform. One of these actions include being rewarded for your first purchase. More rewards are being tested and will be included soon such as our affiliate program, multiple purchases, and more.

Customizing the Refereum Growth Engine so when a user completes an order they are rewarded, is a worlds first within eCommerce. BitStash believes that being a part of a community should be rewarding. By partnering with Refereum, this has allowed us do exactly that. We are now able to utilize the Growth Engine in a way that has never been done before within eCommerce by rewarding our community for their first purchase, completing social tasks, checking-in and more. Growing the BitStash community will allow for further development, faster releases, and expansion of our already existing services.

This is just the start of many partnerships that will allow BitStash (STASH) to grow and become recognized within the industry. If you are a cryptocurrency, brand, manufacturer, wholesaler, contact us today via email for potential partnerships: hello@bitstash.co

Read the official Refereum announcement here: https://medium.com/refereum/refereum-announces-new-refereum-growth-engine-partner-bitstash-ce5c554351c7