Enable 2FA Security on your BitStash Account for Additional Protection

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Strengthen your account security using 2 Factor Authentication when you login today! By enabling 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA this can improve the overall security on your personal or business account with BitStash. Hackers have been on the rise for several years now using methods such as brut force, phishing, and other techniques to gain access to your account and personal information.

As a result, BitStash has integrated with Google’s 2FA service to provide proven account security while logging in. By enabling 2FA on your BitStash account you will be required to enter an additional pass code that automatically resets every 30 seconds ensuring that someone else can not use the same code after you.

We recommend using Authy or Google Authenticator to store your codes.

Protect your BitStash account today be enabling 2FA within the account section here: https://bitstash.co/my-account/account-security/

Simply scan the QR code from the Authy or Google Authenticator application and ensure that both pass codes match up before enabling. After you enable 2FA and ensured that you have added BitStash to Authy or Google Authenticator, simply logout and login again this time using your 2FA pass code to complete the login.

After you have paired 2FA on BitStash, your security protection has increased. This is among the many security and account protection measures already in place.