BitStash Building Cryptocurrency Solutions for the Future Wed, 12 Jun 2019 20:15:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 BitStash 32 32 143219000 Beta Launch of the BitStash Directory Browse or Add New Cryptocurrency Locations Wed, 12 Jun 2019 20:15:40 +0000 Today is the Beta Launch of the BitStash Directory. You can now visit the newly created cryptocurrency directory and start browsing business locations that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Easily sort or filter locations that take payments in STASH, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. Do you own or operate a business that accepts payments in cryptocurrency? Start by adding your business location today. Visit the BitStash Directory.

Why use the BitStash Directory while Searching for Businesses?

Searching for businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment can be a difficult task. Most of the information found online is inconsistent, out dated, or no longer accurate. The BitStash Directory is focused on providing accurate and relevant data for business locations that accept crypto as a form of payment.

In addition to providing accurate, consistent, and relevant information for businesses, while exploring cryptocurrency locations on the BitStash Directory you will be able to filter by the types of cryptocurrency accepted. For example find all locations that accept STASH, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. (more cryptocurrency options will be coming soon).

Each location listing the the BitStash Directory will have information related to the location. You can instantly see the Amenities, Services, Category, Currency Accepted, Featured Images, Hours of Operation, Reviews, Contact Information, and more relevant information relating to the business. Visit the BitStash Directory.

Explore Business Locations

Start exploring business locations in your area that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Use the available filters to sort and search for businesses by keywords, location, listing types, currency accepted, region, price range, or amenities. Visit the BitStash Directory.

Business Listing Dashboard Analytics for Businesses

Create a business listing and start collecting analytics. Get detailed reports as a business owner based on the total daily views to your listing, clicks to call, email, visit website and more. View the top counties, platforms, browsers, and refers to your listing. Visit the BitStash Directory.

Add a Listing to the BitStash Directory (Easy & Free)

Adding a new listing on the BitStash Directory is extremely easy and FREE! Simply create a new account or login if you already have a BitStash account. Fill out the required fields and submit the listing. Within 24 – 48 hours it will start to appear on the directory after review. Visit the BitStash Directory.

Create a Featured Listing (Payment in STASH)

Want to reach even more visitors and potential customers for your business? Create a featured listing! Featured listings are a great way to increase your visibility on the BitStash Directory. STASH is required to complete payment for a featured listing. Visit the BitStash Directory.

Want to start searching for businesses that accept cryptocurrency? Visit the BitStash Directory.

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BitStash (STASH) Listed on Radar Relay Cryptocurrency Exchange (Fee Free Trading) Wed, 05 Jun 2019 21:34:12 +0000 Hello BitStash Community,

We are pleased to announce STASH has been listed on Radar Relay as of 6/5/2019. Now STASH can be traded against WETH (STASH/WETH) and DAI (STASH/DAI). Using the Radar Relay decentralized crytpocurrency exchange, is very easy, simply connect to your Ethereum wallet via Meta Mask, Ledger, Trezor, or with Fortmatic. While trading on Radar Relay, you will be able to take advantage of Fee FREE trading until fees are introduced. Learn more here.

How it works, essentially you use your ethereum wallet to place an order. Similar to IDEX or other decentralized exchanges. Radar Relay will broadcast your order, find a match, and disseminate that information to the Ethereum blockchain via the 0x protocol. The 0x protocol then uses smart contracts to complete the order on the blockchain.

Radar Relay is a decentralized exchange which focuses on ERC20 Tokens. Any user looking to trade or buy STASH on Radar Relay does not need to create an account and all funds are held by the the owner of the asset.

Radar Relay Features:

  • No Sign-ups
  • No Deposits
  • Easy Wallet Integration
  • On-chain Settlement
  • Wallet Portfolio
  • ERC20 Token Transfers

Why Start Trading on Radar Relay?

Trading cryptocurrencies doesn’t have to mean losing custody. Use RADAR RELAY to maintain control of your ERC20 tokens while trading directly from your wallet. Trade when you want, where you want, without a middleman.

STASH Trading Pairs on Radar Relay:

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BitStash Listed on Altmarkets Cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Bitcoin to STASH Mon, 27 May 2019 08:47:25 +0000 We are pleased to announce that BitStash (STASH) has been listed on the Cryptocurrency Exchange. The available trading pairs are Bitcoin (BTC) to BitStash (STASH) and DOGE to BitStash (STASH). is a fast growing exchange that has a large user base in Brazil. There is an average of 31,000 monthly visitors going to the Altmarkets Cryptocurrency Exchange. This will allow for STASH to become recognized in more places around the world. Having a BTC and DOGE trading pair will also give users the ability to easily trade STASH for other cryptocurriences with ease.

Visit here to start trading STASH for BTC or DOGE.

What to Expect Next?

Over the next few months we will continue to provide updates to the LIVE solutions already being provided by BitStash as we begin preparation for the release of our payment plugin solution soon. BitStash is also actively building our affiliate program and seeking those interested in becoming an Affiliate Manager. Those seeking to become an Affiliate Manager send an email to for more details.

BitStash is also in discussion with listing on more cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future. Want to know more? Join our Discord Channel for all recent news pertaining to BitStash & STASH.

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Completion of First Campaign with Growth Partner Refereum + First Month Rewards Delivered Wed, 15 May 2019 09:35:26 +0000 BitStash is always looking for innovative ways in which we can grow our solutions and brand. By partnering with Refereum we have been able to accelerate our community growth and engagement on the platform at unbelievable rates.  Over the next few campaigns, we will be including even more tasks and ways in which you can earn while using the BitStash Marketplace. The total actions for the month of April reached over 44,000 and has allowed BitStash and the BitStash Marketplace to grow our social media channels significantly. As the BitStash Marketplace continues to use the Refereum Growth Engine, we anticipate the awareness of BitStash will continue to grow.

BitStash has also seen some positive success in getting the flywheel started on the marketplace, however there is still a long way to go to have a viably substantial ecosystem. This is all wonderful news regarding the growth and development of BitStash and the BitStash Marketplace. BitStash would specifically like to thank all the participants that joined and helped spread the word, your work is greatly appreciated along with Refereum for being our direct growth partner.

At this time all participants have also been rewarded based on their ranks and account level during the campaign, take a moment to view your wallet balance to verify that it has been received.  You can verify the rewards payout by viewing the following transaction id here:

Breakdown of Actions / Tasks Completed by Weight:

  • Check In 27.84%
  • Referral 23.34%
  • Twitter Follow 11.40%
  • Facebook Follow 11.31%
  • Twitter Retweet 9.79%
  • Facebook Share 9.53%
  • Telegram Link 3.78%
  • Telegram Join Channel 3.01%

Want to join the next campaign? Visit the BitStash Marketplace today to signup and earn STASH!

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Major Improvements to the BitStash Marketplace (Verified Sellers, Support Tickets, and more) Fri, 10 May 2019 03:33:09 +0000 BitStash is always looking for ways in which we can improve or upgrade our existing platform. Over the last few weeks, the team at BitStash has been working on one of our core solutions, the BitStash Marketplace. After launching the BitStash Marketplace, which is a robust cryptocurrency marketplace using STASH to complete transactions, we noticed there was still more that needed to be done in terms of development and overall usability. Granted, the marketplace before has always worked as expected, it was just lacking some user friendly features.

Whats New?

Verified Sellers

Now, while shopping on the BitStash Marketplace you will be able to easily see if the product being sold is by a verified seller or if you should proceed with caution. As a seller or vendor on the BitStash Marketplace, it is strongly recommended that each seller requests to verify their vendor account.

Look for the “Verified Vendor” badge.

How a Seller is Verified: For a seller or vendor receive the “Verified Vendor” badge, each vendor must submit the following documentation from the Vendor Dashboard on the BitStash Marketplace. You will be requested to provide the following information.

  • Proof of Address
  • Business License
  • Proof of Inventory

After the above has been submitted for review, BitStash will analyze the provided information and may request additional documents if necessary to verify your business and products being sold on the Marketplace.

Support Tickets

Before, if anyone had a problem with their order they would need to reach out via email to Include the item details and the problems they were experiencing. This was a very inefficient way in which to resolve issues with orders and purchased products on the marketplace.

Now, after you have purchased a product, within the recent orders section of your account you will see a button titled “Support”. You can instantly create a support ticket directly with the seller. This allows for instant and easy communication between the customer and seller in case of any issues regarding the order.

Instantly create support ticket
Support ticket window, select support category, level of priority, product(s), and the issues you are having.

In addition to creating support tickets, you can also request a refund or return request. This is a great tool to use if you receive a damaged product, incorrect item, or want to exchange it for something else. Simply create a support request with the seller.

Vendor Storefront Improvements

Now store owners on the BitStash Marketplace will have a completely customizable storefront to express their brand or company. Each store owner can upload a unique banner, logo, include company details, shipping information, return information, hours of operation, and contact information. There is also an interactive completion progress bar to help vendors complete their entire profile and customize their virtual storefront.

Store completion progress bar
Vendor Shipment by Country

Vendors and store owners on the BitStash Marketplace now have the ability to set their shipping costs by country. This will allow for a much smoother interaction with vendors and store owners that are shipping products worldwide. Each vendor can create their own shipping criteria within the settings portion of the Vendor Dashboard. Add custom shipping rates per country or ship to all counties by setting a shipment rate for everywhere else. Vendors can also specify how many days it will take in order for the product to be shipped, for example 1 – 3 days.

Shipment & Tracking Information

Vendors can easily include the tracking information for orders with just a few clicks. Simply enter the tracking number and the URL used to track the package. The customer will receive this information via email and within their account / dashboard for recent orders. Additionally customers will have the option to simply mark an order as received and leave the vendor a review about their experience purchasing from the vendor and product received.

Import & Export Products

Now as a vendor you can easily import thousands of products on to the BitStash Marketplace via .csv sheets. This can greatly expedite the process required to add your entire inventory, now with just the click of a button. It is recommended to first create a product listing and export your products to have a base template to work with before importing products. If you need any assistance importing products to the marketplace, feel free to reach out via email to

Lots of Minor Changes & Improvements COMING Soon

In addition to the referenced improvements above, there will be several more changes and improvements coming to the BitStash Marketplace. Some of these changes include the following:

  • Category Improvement & Origination
  • Promo & Landing Pages
  • Language Selector / Translations
  • Tutorials on Checkout Page
  • + more

First Rewards Campaign with Refereum Completed

Participants that have joined the rewards campaign have been sent STASH for completing the recommended tasks. An official announcement regarding the Referum Campaign will be made at a later date. After reviewing the participants we noticed that many users created multiple accounts using the same ETH Address. At this time we decided to look deeper into the situation and noticed that many accounts appeared to be fake. If you were removed from the list of accepted participants please complete the following form to be included as we conduct a second review: (time period already passed).

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Earn Cryptocurrency Today! BitStash Launches 3-Tier Crypto Affiliate Program Wed, 01 May 2019 02:49:16 +0000 In addition to being able to buy or sell products on the BitStash Marketplace, users can now become an affiliate after creating an account on the BitStash Marketplace. This is a great way for someone to start earning additional revenue from their website, mobile app, or even social media channels. Anyone can become an affiliate and start using the pre-made promotional material on your networks of choosing. In return you will earn a percent of the total order amount, plus your they will get what they ordered in just a few days. It is a win-win for everyone involved, get started today by becoming a BitStash Marketplace Affiliate.

BitStash Marketplace Affiliate Program Dashboard

The above image is what the BitStash Marketplace Affiliate Program Dashboard looks like. From here users can view recent referrals, visits, conversion rate, earnings, and more all from one location. It is highly recommended that you reference the help section to learn more about how affiliates can maximize their efforts by creating campaigns and tracking their progress.

What to become an Affiliate? Start by creating an account or logging in to your existing account on the BitStash Marketplace here. After you have logged in, simple select on the “Affiliate” menu within the left column. You will be presented with the option to become an affiliate. Once you have become an affiliate you will be able to view the above dashboard and start sharing your unique referral urls.

Important note: If someone uses your affiliate link to visit the BitStash Marketplace and does not checkout, however returns within 14 days you will be rewarded for that purchase. (cookie tracking) You will also earn lifetime referral rewards on all future purchases completed by those you refer to the BitStash Marketplace.

How Much Can Someone Earn Becoming an Affiliate with the BitStash Marketplace?

Becoming an Affiliate on the BitStash Marketplace, it’s a great way to start earning STASH and potentially even supplemental income for your efforts in referring customers to purchase a product with STASH on the BitStash Marketplace. As you start referring more users to the marketplace, each affiliate can move up to the next level and earn more per transaction. There are 4 levels available for the BitStash Marketplace allowing affiliates to earn up to 10% of the completed order value. You can start earning by sending your friends or family an email letting them know they can buy something on the BitStash Marketplace with cryptocurrency.

  • Level 1: 2% of the order amount (not including shipping costs)
  • Level 2: 5% of the order amount (not including shipping costs) *Requires 100 Referrals
  • Level 3: 7.5% of the order amount (not including shipping costs) *Requires 200 Referrals
  • Level 4: 10% of the order amount (not including shipping costs) *Requires 500 Referrals

In addition to each of the above referenced levels, affiliates are incentivized to become leaders within their community and create teams. Affiliates can earn small amounts from their referred team members up to 3-Tiers or levels deep. The following structure for team members is referenced below:

  • Tier 1 Team Members: 0.5% of total order amount (not including shipping costs)
  • Tier 2 Team Members: 0.3% of total order amount (not including shipping costs)
  • Tier 3 Team Members: 0.2% of total order amount (not including shipping costs)

The BitStash Maketplace Affiliate Program starts today, April 30th, 2019. There is no foreseen end date at this time for the affiliate program. BitStash or BitStash Marketplace, does not guarantee any financial or monetary gain by participating in the BitStash Marketplace Affiliate Program. All rewards will be paid in STASH once the threshold of $50 USD has been reached. All referrals are subject to final approval, only orders that have been delivered and completed will be rewarded. The reward amounts are subject to change at anytime, reference the affiliate dashboard for all current payment rates. 90 days of inactivity as an affiliate will result in account termination. In this case, the user would need to reapply as an affiliate if they want the account reinstated.

Visit the BitStash Marketplace or Create an Account today.

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BitStash Listed on Coin Market Cap Fri, 26 Apr 2019 10:00:35 +0000 We are pleased to announce that BitStash and the STASH token have been listed on Coin Market Cap, this could not have been achieved without our community support. The entire team at BitStash is extremely grateful for the support our community has shown over the last few months and the tremendous growth that has taken place. This is a pivotal time for BitStash as we are becoming recognized as a legitimate digital currency with a ranking among the top 2100 cryptocurrencies in the world.

Track the trading activity for STASH on Coin Market Cap here

What is Coin Market Cap?

Coin Market Cap provides accurate and instantaneous information regarding trade history and market fluctuations for select cryptocurrencies. You can instantly view trade history, volume data, current supply, total supply, market cap, and several other import information that can be viewed all in one place. Coin Market Cap is a trusted price provider and was one of the very first platforms to start reporting the price changes for Bitcoin and Ethereum. At the time of writing CMC is ranked within the top 1,000 websites in the world and receives an average of 50 million users per month.

Want to learn more about BitStash? Get connected on our social media networks below:

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Launch of the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer (Beta) Wed, 24 Apr 2019 07:47:04 +0000 The launch of the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer (Beta Version) will allow for instant interaction directly to the Ethereum Blockchain without relying on third party services such as etherscan. This coincides with a our decentralized vision for the STASH token as development continues on the BitStash Explorer. The BitStash Explorer will be available to other projects on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20 Tokens) as a white label service to have their own dedicated token explorer that is powered by BitStash.

Launch the BitStash Explorer here

What can you do with the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer?

As of the initial release version 1.0.0, users will be able to search any Ethereum Address or Transaction ID (TXID). When searching by Ethereum Address you will be able to view the current balance in STASH and ETH. An example view is shown below.

While searching by Transaction ID (TXID) you will be able to search STASH transactions, ERC20 Token Transactions, and ETH transactions. Currently the token value being sent is not displayed however, will be included in planned future releases. Below you can see an example view searching by TXID.

Planned Future Development and Releases

  • Token Transfer Amount in Search from TXID
  • Last 10 Transactions from Wallet Address
  • Token Holders Page
  • Token Information Page
  • Recent Token Transactions Page
  • DEX Token Trades Page
  • Read Token Contract Page
  • Latest Block Page
  • Search by Contract Display Info
  • Convert Token & ETH Balance to USD

How is the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer Built?

The BitStash Explorer has been built from the ground up. The foundation framework is made with codeigniter an open source PHP development framework that has allowed BitStash to speed up development and initial time required to build out the BitStash Explorer.

The BitStash Explorer is connected directly to the Ethereum Network. By using web3.js functions we are able to make calls directly to the network and return values associated with those requests. Additionally, as requirements to use web3 calls, you must host an Ethereum Node or have access to an Ethereum Node. Infura is one of the largest Ethereum Node providers that powers MetaMask and other vital blockchain services. The BitStash Explorer is connected to the network by the implementation of Infura.

Code that makes this possible

web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider(""));

If circumstances change the web3 provider can always be changed to be our own privately hosted Ethereum Node IP address.

function printAccountBalance() {
var GET = {};
var query ="&");
for (var i = 0, max = query.length; i < max; i++)
if (query[i] === "") // check for trailing & with no param
var param = query[i].split("=");
GET[decodeURIComponent(param[0])] = decodeURIComponent(param[1] || "");
var string = GET.string;
var balanceWei = web3.eth.getBalance(string).toNumber();
var balance = web3.fromWei(balanceWei, 'ether');

The above code snippet is an example script on how the output of account balances is being displayed. The variable function “GET” is listening for what has been inputted within the search bar to return as a value used within the rest of the script and is referred to as “string”. In addition to getting the address, it also decodes the URI to be readable when used for “balanceWei”. Likewise Wei needs to be converted to ETH to be readable by the average user. This is just a short explanation of what the code is doing.

Want to get the code for your own Project / ERC20 Token?

Get a White Label version of the BitStash Explorer for your own project. This will include 100% access to the source code, receive new updates and improvements, access to new features and integrations, and dedicated support from the BitStash Team. At this time the BitStash Explorer is in beta and will be 100% live in the upcoming months. White Label Ethereum Explorers will be made available with the exchange of STASH tokens. The platform can be customized to match your projects branding and reputation. To learn more send an email to

BitStash Explorer: version 1.0.0

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STASH Listed on EtherFlyer + 10M STASH Trading Competition Thu, 11 Apr 2019 21:25:58 +0000 We are pleased to announce that STASH will officially be listed on EtherFlyer as of April 9th, 2019. Now, holders of STASH will be able to utilize the decentralized exchange to trade STASH by simply linking their ERC20 wallets. STASH will be traded against ETH (STASH/ETH).

What Is EtherFlyer?

EtherFlyer is a decentralized digital currency trading platform based on Ethereum smart contracts that supports ERC-20 type tokens. Etherflyer Exchange Server is a trading backend with high-speed performance, designed for cryptocurrency exchanges. The EtherFlyer exchange can support up to 10,000 trades per second.

How To Get Started (3 Simple Steps) :

    1. Create an EtherFlyer wallet or import an existing wallet address (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.)
    2. Deposit STASH from your ERC20 wallet to EtherFlyer
    3. Start trading STASH on EtherFlyer here:

STASH Token Trading Competition Hosted By EtherFlyer

We will be conducting our first ever trading competition with the help of EtherFlyer! All users who trade STASH on EtherFlyer will be ranked according to volume. The reward pool will consist of 10 Million STASH and will be dispersed among the top 300 users. The minimum trading volume to participate is 750 STASH. Check your ranking in the trading competition here:

Ranking Reward
1 5,000,000 STASH
2 1,000,000 STASH
3 750,000 STASH
4-50 10,000 STASH
51-300 5,000 STASH

The trading competition will begin on April 9th and will come to an end on May 9th. Rewards will be distributed within the following week. Trade STASH on EtherFlyer here:

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BitStash Identity Improvement (Logo Redesign & More) Tue, 09 Apr 2019 05:50:16 +0000 After receiving feedback from our community members, we have come to the realization that in order to spread our message more effectively to future supporters of BitStash, we would need to make some upgrades. Over the past couple weeks, we have been working towards redesigning our brand identity as well as being able to showcasing all key elements and solutions of BitStash.

BitStash is more than just a marketplace where vendors and consumers can list or purchase products. BitStash provides many solutions that will help bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the utilization within mainstream society. The BitStash Marketplace serves as a prime example of what we are looking to achieve within the space and provides a real use case for the STASH token.

We are pleased to show you the new BitStash website which will act as a hub for all solutions under BitStash. The domain for this can now be found at The BitStash Marketplace is still 100% functional but the domain has moved to The marketplace can also be accessed via under the “Core Solutions” section.

To compliment our new visual identity, we have taken the initiative to create a more professional yet simple logo that can be used at any size; on CoinMarketCap, as app icons, marketing material and advertisements of all types.

These are the designs we have chosen to represent the BitStash Platform

You can download the logo pack to use here:

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