How it Works

Learn how BitStash works and how to complete a purchase. Plus you will learn about the wallet system and the future introduction of the STASH Token.

General How-To Guides & FAQs

You can access your cryptocurrency wallet directly here. Alternatively the wallet is located from “My Account” on the left hand side menu. From here you can see your overall account value in USD, balances, withdraw, deposit, and recent transactions.

Completing a purchase is super easy, simply visit the shop and add a product to the cart. Once you are happy with your selections continue to checkout. From the checkout page you will be able to select the desired cryptocurrency to complete your purchase. Note that you will need to deposit cryptocurrency and have an available balance to complete checkout. Additionally you will need to confirm with withdraw request that has been emailed to you to complete the checkout process.

Depositing Cryptocurrency into BitStash is just like any other exchange or wallet. Simply select the currency of your choice (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) copy your deposit address and send to that address. It is import to note that Bitcoin can only be sent to a Bitcoin wallet, likewise with Ethereum and all other Cryptocurrencies. Once there has been at least 3 block confirmations you will be able to utilize your available balance. Click here to start a deposit.

Withdrawing cryptocurrency on BitStash is very easy and fast. Simply visit the Withdraw section on BitStash here. Choose which cryptocurrency you wish to withdrawal for example (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc). You will recieve a confirmation email verifying your withdrawal. Once you have confirmed your email the withdrawal process will be started. Funds take an average of 1 – 30 mins to arrive.

In order to become a vendor all products must be in Brand New Condition. We do not take vendors selling used products. Refurbished is OK. To begin the vendor registration process (100% FREE) create a new account, notice the “I’m a Vendor” option. Complete the registration and start posting your new products. Once your products have been reviewed by the BitStash team they will appear on the marketplace. Currently there are no advertising options, however we are implementing an option for vendors to pay with STASH to advertise their products and services.

If you are unhappy with a product or service we request that members first read the vendors refund policy. Some vendors may have not set their policy and therefore result as no refund or policy. However if the vendor does take refunds or returns you must do the following within 3 days of delivery.

  1. Email the Vendor
  2. If an refund has been agreed upon the vendor will submit a refund request from the vendor dashboard order page.
  3. At this time BitStash will refund the member the amount purchased in the same Cryptocurrency from funds held in escrow.

What if you can not contact the vendor? It is recommended that you contact our team via the Support Chat here.

BitStash is a 100% legal marketplace. You can buy things that are sold in general electronic stores, merchandise stores, and the like. We will not tolerate any illegal activity and work with enforcement agencies to ensure our members safety.

STASH Tokens are the foundation of BitStash. Our marketplace will run completely on the STASH Token. At the start of August 2018 we aim to allow members and holders of STASH to purchase everyday items and products directly from BitStash. Any marketplace & exchange fees will also be conducted in STASH Tokens including but not limited to the purchase of Advertisements and similar options. Please take a moment to review our token details and allocation here.

Becoming an affiliate is automatic, every BitStash member is already an affiliate. To view the “Affiliate Dashboard” simply visit My Account and select the menu link “Affiliate Dashboard” on the left hand side. You will be able to create links, refer members, earn commission, and even withdraw your STASH Token earnings!

Not a BitStash member yet? Register for FREE here.

Currently the value of BitStash or STASH Tokens is constantly changing. During our ICO and Crowdsale period we will set 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH. Once STASH is listed on our Internal Exchange and External Exchanges we will have a better understanding on each STASH Token value.

We are still developing the Verified Vendor feature. However we plan to release this feature before our platform official launch. Currently we are in open alpha testing and encouraging all members to participate by leaving product reviews after completing a purchase to strengthen vendor trust within the BitStash Marketplace.

At BitStash we aim to keep the buyer and seller fees as low as possible. Once our official launch we aim to lower our fees by 80 – 90%. Below you can see the current fee setup for both Buyers and Sellers.

Buyer Fees:

1% Withdraw Fees
0% Transaction Fees

Seller Fees:

1% Withdraw Fees
3% Transaction Fee


That is all the fees the BitStash Marketplace & Exchange currently has.

The BitStash Escrow System works like many other popular escrow services. When a buyer makes a purchase from a vendor on BitStash the Escrow is initiated. Funds are sent to a secure cold storage wallet until the vendor has submitted the tracking number and the order has been marked complete. During this time if there are any issues with the buyer BitStash will be able to cancel the order and refund the buyer.

Typically this does not happen because both vendors and buyers are satisfied and no resolution is required. If you are having problems with a vendor it is recommend to contact our live chat support if you can not resolve the issue.

If you are investing in the STASH Token ICO you can view your token balance via Etherscan. Currently the wallet in place does not support STASH Tokens. At our platform launch we are going to enable this feature and allow STASH Token deposits.

Do not invest into ICO from the BitStash wallet. Use Meta Mask or another compatible ERC-20 Wallet.

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