How to Sell Products on BitStash for Cryptocurrency 1

Selling products on BitStash is just like on Amazon, eBay, or another e-commerce marketplace platform. However instead of using PayPal or Credit Cards, the BitStash Marketplace uses the ERC20 issued STASH Token to complete all transactions on the decentralized marketplace. There are several benefits of why you would want to purchase or sell products with the STASH Token. The number one reason is the limited supply of STASH tokens. Unlike fiat currency where over time you will need to charge more for your products to keep making a profit. We envision a cryptocurrency, were you will be able to charge less and less STASH tokens for the SAME product while increasing your profits. Likewise holders of STASH can benefit from these savings as our community continues to grow.

How to List & Sell Your First Product on BitStash for Cryptocurrency

If you are not a Vendor currently on the BitStash Marketplace, you can do so by visiting the Become a Vendor page. Additionally you can also view all Vendors on BitStash.

Step 1.

After you vendor account has been approved on BitStash you will be able to visit the Vendor Dashboard. View below where you can easily find the Vendor Dashboard.

How to Sell Products on BitStash for Cryptocurrency 2

Step 2.

Once you have accessed the Vendor Dashboard you will be able to add your very first product on BitStash and start receiving cryptocurrency for different products you have to offer. Below is what you should see in regards to the Vendor Dashboard.

How to Sell Products on BitStash for Cryptocurrency 3

Step 3.

Next you will want to hover over “Products” and select on “Add New“. You can also add a new product from the lower right icon that hovers on all pages for quick and easy access. Below you will see the available options for adding a new product and their placement.

How to Sell Products on BitStash for Cryptocurrency 4

Step 4.

The following next steps will be to complete the product listing. You will need to complete the following fields labeled by numbers that are required to complete a product listing on the BitStash Marketplace. You can also import products via CSV if you have different styles, brands, colors, etc. Below you can find what fields are required to complete the product listing.

How to Sell Products on BitStash for Cryptocurrency 5

Step 5.

That’s it! Once you have clicked on “Submit” your new product listing will now be available on the BitStash Marketplace. You can find you product listing by searching for it right away on the marketplace or by visiting the “Products” page within your Vendor Dashboard. Below you can view what the Product Listing Page within the Vendor Dashboard looks like. Simply select a product to view, you can also find product from your vendor profile.

How to Sell Products on BitStash for Cryptocurrency 6

Note: Currently you can only list single products at once. This means if you have different sizes, colors, or designs you will need to create an additional product listing for each variation you have.

If you need additional support adding products to the BitStash Marketplace, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team on Telegram. -> BitStash Marketplace Telegram Support.

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