How to Track your STASH Balance and Value with


Are you currently holding STASH Tokens? Knowing the value of your STASH can be a little confusing. The price of Ethereum and Bitcoin are changing daily. Plus the value of STASH to BTC and ETH is also changing daily. This can become a complicated math problem to solve, just to find the value of your holdings in STASH tokens. Thankfully the mobile and desktop application called DELTA has listed the STASH token so you can easily track the current value and price per STASH token. Plus you can also receive notifications regarding price changes.

Download the DELTA App here

How to Track your STASH Balance and Value with 1

The Delta App can track just about every cryptocurrency on the market that is listed on exchanges with an API to pull the data and information. DELTA is similar to Blockfolio however has way more features and options when tracking your portfolio. It is 100% our recommenced portfolio management and analytics for your assets and STASH.

We also want to thank all of our community members that have voted to add BitStash and STASH to the Delta Application and asset tracking platform. We appreciate all of your efforts and support for our project and the BitStash Marketplace platform. Together we can achieve anything.

Below is information on how you can add the STASH token to your delta app and start tracking your asset.

Step One:
You will want to press the “Plus” icon within the DETLA Application. Here you will be presented with a search screen. Simple enter STASH or BitStash to search for the appropriate token. Select STASH to add to your portfolio.

Step Two:
Select the desired exchange to track the current trading price / available pairs. At the time of this writing the only available exchange to select is EtherDelta (more will be added soon, once we have listed on more exchanges).

Step Three:
Ether the amount of STASH tokens your currently have in your Ethereum Wallet. Once you have finished entering the appropriate amount your portfolio will update with the available amount your currently have in USD, BTC, or other currencies.

That’s it! You have now added the STASH and your BitStash holdings. If you need assistance or help adding STASH or BitStash to your DELTA Application feel free to leave a comment below or reach out on our telegram for assistance.

You can verify the completed coin/token request on the platform here: