Huge Improvements Made on the BitStash Marketplace (PayPal and More)! 1

Over the last few months or so, the team at BitStash has been making some development changes to the way users interact with the BitStash Marketplace. Starting today, vendors can set which payment methods they are willing to accept when selling their product(s). This includes BitStash (STASH), Ethereum (ETH), and now PayPal.

By including a fiat payment option for both vendors and consumers we are able to position ourselves in the eyes of more people around the world. These users might not be ready to purchase products with cryptocurrency however are ready to buy via credit / debit with PayPal. As members of the BitStash Marketplace become more comfortable using the platform we believe the transition into buying items with cryptocurrency will happen effortlessly and in the same fashion as before.

New Payment Options Quick View on Product Page

Notice when you are browsing the BitStash Marketplace which products accept STASH, ETH, or PayPal. This is an easy way to shop and find products you can purchase with that cryptocurrency. Take a look below how product listings look.

Huge Improvements Made on the BitStash Marketplace (PayPal and More)! 2


New Easy Vendor Set Payment Option Per Product

The system is intuitive and will know if you have products that can accept multiple payment options and will adjust accordingly. This system is not only good for consumers, but also for vendors. There are a lot of vendors that have a hard time transitioning into cryptocurrency due to volatility or it does not currently match their business model.

By allowing vendors to set which payment options they accept at the product level allows for a wide variety of products, services, and digital items to be bought or sold on the BitStash Marketplace using these various forms of payment. As a vendor while adding a new product or editing an existing product simply select your payment options on the right hand side.

Huge Improvements Made on the BitStash Marketplace (PayPal and More)! 3


New Complete Payment UI for BitStash (STASH) & Ethereum (ETH)

Along with updating how customers can view products, updating vendor payment options on the product level, adding fiat payment options, we have also updated the entire payment platform for when you are completing payment in STASH or ETH.

This new payment processor is shown below. The process before was very hard to understand and required a manual approach to completing payment. Now you can easily checkout with metamask or use the QR code view transaction data and send.

Huge Improvements Made on the BitStash Marketplace (PayPal and More)! 4


Removal From the Following Cryptocurrency Exchanges

BitStash (STASH) has been removed from the following cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently we do not know why this has happened, our team is looking into the matter. For now, if you had any STASH tokens on the following exchanges it is recommended to remove your tokens.

  • Altmarkets
  • McAfeeDex
  • BambooRelay

What is Coming Next for BitStash?

In the next upcoming months the BitStash team will be working updating the Android Mobile Wallet, releasing the iOS Mobile Wallet, Updating the BitStash DEX, Marketing & Advertising Phase 2, BitStash (STASH) hardfork and smart contract improvements to include more features, compatibility with the 0x protocol, and other planned features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can acquire STASH from multiple exchanges online right now. Take a moment to view the the recommended cryptocurrency exchanges for getting STASH on our Exchange List page. You can also earn STASH from one of our many solutions.

Simply put STASH is a utility. The STASH token was created and is used for facilitating transactions and storing this data on the the blockchain. Several solutions have been and are currently being developed to interact with the STASH token in various ways. By holding STASH there is no promise of return nor a guarantee in any profits. STASH is not an investment contract and should not be viewed as such. The use of STASH is to act as a means of exchange for services, products, and goods.

Anyone can get involved with STASH, we encourage third-party development or DApp development for the use of STASH. Have your solution become featured on BitStash, plus even be rewarded in STASH. Not a developer, but want to help us grow the community? Reach out via email to get involved:

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