BitStash ICO

Join the BitStash ICO today and show your support for BitStash and the STASH Token. All investments must be made with Ethereum and with one of the following wallets. DO NOT SEND FROM EXCHANGE.

STASH Token Tracker Soft CAP 100 ETH:
Current Bonus: 30% (99.83 ETH Until Next Bonus Level)

0.000425% Complete
Goal: 40K

Send Ethereum to the Following Contract Address:


Gas Limit: 400000



Insert the amount you would like to purchase with Ethereum. Do not send from an exchange. View our compatible wallets (Meta Mask is recommended). STASH Tokens are received instantly to verify the transaction view your account on Etherscan to ensure you have STASH Tokens. Learn more about the STASH Token ICO and it's functions on the "How it Works" page.

Bonus levels are based on total Ethereum that has been raised. Early supported will receive a large amount of tokens for participating sooner. Current Bonus Level 30%.

Dates & Token Details


Token Name: BitStash
Symbol: STASH
Total Supply: 36,000,000,000 STASH
Protocol: ERC20
Sponsor Sale: May 2018
Pre-ICO: June 2018
Crowdsale: July 2018
Token Price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH


STASH Token Facts

  • When purchasing with STASH you will receive 2 – 10% off select products.
  • STASH Token holders receive quarterly airdrops from marketplace fees (10%).
  • STASH soon can be used to buy items on the marketplace.
  • STASH will have it’s own internal cryptocurrency exchange.
  • STASH Tokens will be listed on top exchanges after ICO.

Token Allocation

  • Crowdsale 66%
  • Team 15%
  • Advisors & Bounty 5%
  • Reserve Fund 13%

STASH Token Contract Address:

The following address is for the STASH token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

View the results of our Howey Test, rated as unlikely to be a security.

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