Launch of the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer (Beta) 1

The launch of the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer (Beta Version) will allow for instant interaction directly to the Ethereum Blockchain without relying on third party services such as etherscan. This coincides with a our decentralized vision for the STASH token as development continues on the BitStash Explorer. The BitStash Explorer will be available to other projects on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20 Tokens) as a white label service to have their own dedicated token explorer that is powered by BitStash.

Launch the BitStash Explorer here

What can you do with the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer?

As of the initial release version 1.0.0, users will be able to search any Ethereum Address or Transaction ID (TXID). When searching by Ethereum Address you will be able to view the current balance in STASH and ETH. An example view is shown below.

Launch of the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer (Beta) 2

While searching by Transaction ID (TXID) you will be able to search STASH transactions, ERC20 Token Transactions, and ETH transactions. Currently the token value being sent is not displayed however, will be included in planned future releases. Below you can see an example view searching by TXID.

Launch of the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer (Beta) 3

Planned Future Development and Releases

  • Token Transfer Amount in Search from TXID
  • Last 10 Transactions from Wallet Address
  • Token Holders Page
  • Token Information Page
  • Recent Token Transactions Page
  • DEX Token Trades Page
  • Read Token Contract Page
  • Latest Block Page
  • Search by Contract Display Info
  • Convert Token & ETH Balance to USD

How is the BitStash Ethereum Blockchain Explorer Built?

The BitStash Explorer has been built from the ground up. The foundation framework is made with codeigniter an open source PHP development framework that has allowed BitStash to speed up development and initial time required to build out the BitStash Explorer.

The BitStash Explorer is connected directly to the Ethereum Network. By using web3.js functions we are able to make calls directly to the network and return values associated with those requests. Additionally, as requirements to use web3 calls, you must host an Ethereum Node or have access to an Ethereum Node. Infura is one of the largest Ethereum Node providers that powers MetaMask and other vital blockchain services. The BitStash Explorer is connected to the network by the implementation of Infura.

Code that makes this possible

web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider(""));

If circumstances change the web3 provider can always be changed to be our own privately hosted Ethereum Node IP address.

function printAccountBalance() {
var GET = {};
var query ="&");
for (var i = 0, max = query.length; i < max; i++)
if (query[i] === "") // check for trailing & with no param
var param = query[i].split("=");
GET[decodeURIComponent(param[0])] = decodeURIComponent(param[1] || "");
var string = GET.string;
var balanceWei = web3.eth.getBalance(string).toNumber();
var balance = web3.fromWei(balanceWei, 'ether');

The above code snippet is an example script on how the output of account balances is being displayed. The variable function “GET” is listening for what has been inputted within the search bar to return as a value used within the rest of the script and is referred to as “string”. In addition to getting the address, it also decodes the URI to be readable when used for “balanceWei”. Likewise Wei needs to be converted to ETH to be readable by the average user. This is just a short explanation of what the code is doing.

Want to get the code for your own Project / ERC20 Token?

Get a White Label version of the BitStash Explorer for your own project. This will include 100% access to the source code, receive new updates and improvements, access to new features and integrations, and dedicated support from the BitStash Team. At this time the BitStash Explorer is in beta and will be 100% live in the upcoming months. White Label Ethereum Explorers will be made available with the exchange of STASH tokens. The platform can be customized to match your projects branding and reputation. To learn more send an email to

BitStash Explorer: version 1.0.0

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