Login with MetaMask now on BitStash Feature Improvement 1

BitStash is pleased to announce that users can now login or register with MetaMask and your Ethereum address. This marks a huge achievement for CMS platforms where this type of user authentication does not naturally exist. Typically on CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, etc they will require a username, email, and password to create an account. This is because they are not setup or designed to allow users to register or login using an Ethereum address to verify a signed message authenticating a user.

As the BitStash DApps continue to grow, more features will be integrated. Currently you can login with MetaMask on the BitStash Marketplace and the BitStash Directory. Soon you will be able to login with MetaMask or email to use BitStash Payments & BitStash Real Estate platforms and DApps. The BitStash Exchange will allow users to login via MetaMask ensuring a high level of security.

How does someone login or register with MetaMask?

Login with MetaMask now on BitStash Feature Improvement 2

With MetaMask unlocked you are able to select “Login with MetaMask” likewise if this is your first time “logging in” it will also create an account at the same time for future reference. MetaMask will ask if you would like to “Connect” to BitStash and “Sign” a message verifying you indeed are the owner of this account. It may take a few seconds, to verify the signed message on the Ethereum blockchain. After your message has been verified, you will now be redirected to your profile page and be logged in.

While logged in with MetaMask you can browse products, post listings, get support, and everything that you would normally expect while logged in on any of the BitStash DApps or platforms.

Experiencing any issues or having trouble logging in with MetaMask? Leave a comment below or reach out on Discord.

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