Major Improvements to the BitStash Marketplace (Verified Sellers, Support Tickets, and more) 1

BitStash is always looking for ways in which we can improve or upgrade our existing platform. Over the last few weeks, the team at BitStash has been working on one of our core solutions, the BitStash Marketplace. After launching the BitStash Marketplace, which is a robust cryptocurrency marketplace using STASH to complete transactions, we noticed there was still more that needed to be done in terms of development and overall usability. Granted, the marketplace before has always worked as expected, it was just lacking some user friendly features.

Whats New?

Verified Sellers

Now, while shopping on the BitStash Marketplace you will be able to easily see if the product being sold is by a verified seller or if you should proceed with caution. As a seller or vendor on the BitStash Marketplace, it is strongly recommended that each seller requests to verify their vendor account.

Major Improvements to the BitStash Marketplace (Verified Sellers, Support Tickets, and more) 2
Look for the “Verified Vendor” badge.

How a Seller is Verified: For a seller or vendor receive the “Verified Vendor” badge, each vendor must submit the following documentation from the Vendor Dashboard on the BitStash Marketplace. You will be requested to provide the following information.

  • Proof of Address
  • Business License
  • Proof of Inventory

After the above has been submitted for review, BitStash will analyze the provided information and may request additional documents if necessary to verify your business and products being sold on the Marketplace.

Support Tickets

Before, if anyone had a problem with their order they would need to reach out via email to Include the item details and the problems they were experiencing. This was a very inefficient way in which to resolve issues with orders and purchased products on the marketplace.

Now, after you have purchased a product, within the recent orders section of your account you will see a button titled “Support”. You can instantly create a support ticket directly with the seller. This allows for instant and easy communication between the customer and seller in case of any issues regarding the order.

Major Improvements to the BitStash Marketplace (Verified Sellers, Support Tickets, and more) 3
Instantly create support ticket
Major Improvements to the BitStash Marketplace (Verified Sellers, Support Tickets, and more) 4
Support ticket window, select support category, level of priority, product(s), and the issues you are having.

In addition to creating support tickets, you can also request a refund or return request. This is a great tool to use if you receive a damaged product, incorrect item, or want to exchange it for something else. Simply create a support request with the seller.

Vendor Storefront Improvements

Now store owners on the BitStash Marketplace will have a completely customizable storefront to express their brand or company. Each store owner can upload a unique banner, logo, include company details, shipping information, return information, hours of operation, and contact information. There is also an interactive completion progress bar to help vendors complete their entire profile and customize their virtual storefront.

Major Improvements to the BitStash Marketplace (Verified Sellers, Support Tickets, and more) 5
Store completion progress bar
Vendor Shipment by Country

Vendors and store owners on the BitStash Marketplace now have the ability to set their shipping costs by country. This will allow for a much smoother interaction with vendors and store owners that are shipping products worldwide. Each vendor can create their own shipping criteria within the settings portion of the Vendor Dashboard. Add custom shipping rates per country or ship to all counties by setting a shipment rate for everywhere else. Vendors can also specify how many days it will take in order for the product to be shipped, for example 1 – 3 days.

Shipment & Tracking Information

Vendors can easily include the tracking information for orders with just a few clicks. Simply enter the tracking number and the URL used to track the package. The customer will receive this information via email and within their account / dashboard for recent orders. Additionally customers will have the option to simply mark an order as received and leave the vendor a review about their experience purchasing from the vendor and product received.

Import & Export Products

Now as a vendor you can easily import thousands of products on to the BitStash Marketplace via .csv sheets. This can greatly expedite the process required to add your entire inventory, now with just the click of a button. It is recommended to first create a product listing and export your products to have a base template to work with before importing products. If you need any assistance importing products to the marketplace, feel free to reach out via email to

Lots of Minor Changes & Improvements COMING Soon

In addition to the referenced improvements above, there will be several more changes and improvements coming to the BitStash Marketplace. Some of these changes include the following:

  • Category Improvement & Origination
  • Promo & Landing Pages
  • Language Selector / Translations
  • Tutorials on Checkout Page
  • + more

First Rewards Campaign with Refereum Completed

Participants that have joined the rewards campaign have been sent STASH for completing the recommended tasks. An official announcement regarding the Referum Campaign will be made at a later date. After reviewing the participants we noticed that many users created multiple accounts using the same ETH Address. At this time we decided to look deeper into the situation and noticed that many accounts appeared to be fake. If you were removed from the list of accepted participants please complete the following form to be included as we conduct a second review: (time period already passed).

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