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Mobile Application
BitStash Marketplace

Platform: Android
Developer: BitStash Marketplace
Current Version: 1.0.0

 Everyone 10+

Mobile Application

Lighting FAST

Install the BitStash Marketplace mobile application to enjoy faster browsing and a better overall mobile experience. Note: Internet Connection is Required.

Official Application

Make sure you are not downloading a phishing application or a fake impostor application. Contained within this page is the Official BitStash Marketplace mobile application.

Secure Checkout

If you have a mobile wallet installed on your phone you can checkout using STASH Tokens! You will need to copy the necessary data for each transaction properly.

BitStash Marketplace App in Action


BitStash Marketplace App Description

On the BitStash Marketplace you can easily search vendors that accept cryptocurrency (STASH) as a form of payment for products. If you are looking to sell products for cryptocurrency as a vendor you can easily download the app and sign up to become a vendor today! Creating an account on BitStash is 100% FREE.

Secure Escrow and Disputes
Every transaction is placed within our Secure Escrow System until an order can be verified as completed.

Order Management
Easily manage all your orders on BitStash, plus receive in-depth analytics and reports on your available products.

Shipment Options
As a seller you set your shipping locations, pricing, and options. Including your return policy (which is recommended).

Extended Search
Use our intuitive search engine on BitStash. Browse by Brand, Color, Size, and various other options.

Easy Registration
No downloads required to start using BitStash. Easily create an account today and start buying or selling!

Inventory Management
Set your available product quality to ensure you don’t oversell products or run out of your available stock.

How It Works:
On the BitStash Marketplace every transaction is placed in a secure time sensitive escrow smart contract wallet where there is criteria to be completed before release of payment. All orders are placed in a time sensitive escrow contract. This requires you to input the tracking number and order confirmation. Once order has been delivered, the customer will have 7 days to mark as complete or create a case. If nothing happens in 7 days funds will be disbursed to your ETH Address. In the event of a case being created on an order, we will investigate and make a final decision within 14 days.

Utilizing the BitStash Marketplace for your next purchase with cryptocurrency is a smart and safe move. Take advantage of the secure smart contract escrow system in place. Plus receive your product fast with the highest quality. Each vendor on the BitStash Marketplace will be reviewed before being approved to selling items, ensure buyers remain safe. Look for verified vendors who are trusted sellers on the marketplace.

Mobile Application
Mobile Application
Mobile Application
Mobile Application
Mobile Application
Mobile Application

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