Official Release of the BitStash Wallet & Blockchain

In the last update here, we provided a sneak preview of the new BitStash Wallet & Blockchain. Today, the entire team at BitStash is happy to announce the official launch and release of the BitStash Wallet & Blockchain.

What does this mean for new and existing users of BitStash?

Existing holders of the old STASH ERC-20 token on Ethereum will be able to swap their tokens to the new BitStash Blockchain for the STASH Coin. More information to follow in the next announcement. For now we recommended downloading the BitStash Wallet and acquiring your new BitStash Wallet address. This will be used for when you swap your tokens to the new coin.

For new users we recommended waiting until the swap has officially completed. (Alternatively you could acquire STASH from Uniswap and convert this to the new STASH Coin). After this has happened a new STASH ERC-20 token will be deployed 1:1 of the new coin which will be 100% interchangeable with the BitStash Blockchain & STASH Coin.

This is when new users will be joining the network as onboarding will be much easier on other exchanges. To save on gas fees with Ethereum we recommended new users acquiring STASH Coin directly, instead of getting the ERC-20 version then converting to the coin. Keep in mind only users that are staking their STASH on the BitStash Blockchain will be eligible for staking rewards.

Limitation of the BitStash Blockchain vs Ethereum or Bitcoin?

None. The BitStash Blockchain, was built and modeled directly after Ethereum and Bitcoin. In the same manner that QTUM has, so has BitStash. By using the underlying security layer of Bitcoin and combining the smart contract technology of Ethereum, the BitStash Blockchain is capable of just about anything you can imagine.

The best part about building on BitStash vs Ethereum is cost savings on transaction fees. Ethereum fees have risen by astronomical levels in just last new years. By using the BitStash Blockchain you not only are able to save on network fees but you also earn by staking your STASH which can be used to offset future transaction fees or to grow your existing holdings.

Download the BitStash Wallet here

How to install on Windows

  1. Download the BitStash Wallet for Windows.
  2. Extract the files from the zip file to your desktop.
  3. Run bitstash-qt.exe

How to install on Ubuntu

  1. Download the BitStash Wallet for Ubuntu.
  2. Extract the files from the zip file to your desktop.
  3. Open the terminal and enter the following.
  4. Enter in terminal: cd Desktop/Bitstash-Wallet-Ubuntu
  5. Enter in terminal: sudo chmod +x bitstash-qt
  6. Enter in terminal: ./bitstash-qt