Official Release of the BitStash Wallet for Android Devices 1

BitStash is pleased to announce the Official Release of the BitStash Wallet for Android Devices. The mobile wallet is just the beginning development stages for the BitStash Payment solutions. As more development continues additional features will be included and improvements will be made. You can take a look at some of our future development plans on GitHub.

Official Release of the BitStash Wallet for Android Devices 2




How the BitStash Wallet works?

The BitStash Wallet is a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet that can be installed on android devices. Powered by services such as Infura, Horizontal Systems,, and others to interact directly with the various supported blockchains. You wallet information is not stored with anyone except on your own device. It is important that you keep your private key backed up and secure in the event you need restore your wallet in the future.



– Directly Connected to supported Blockchains
– Send or Receive supported Coins & Tokens
– QR Scanner for easy sending or receiving
– Secure Coins & Tokens by fingerprint or pin code
– Track price changes for holdings
– Easy to use settings
– Detailed Transaction page
– Light and dark mode
– Select base currency (Default USD)
– Select different languages (Default English)


BitStash Wallet Preview Images

Official Release of the BitStash Wallet for Android Devices 3


Supported Blockchains:

– Bitcoin
– Ethereum
– Bitcoin Cash
– Dash
– Binance Chain
+ more coming soon!


Supported Tokens:

– BitStash (STASH)
– 0x (ZRX)
– Aelf (ELF)
– Ankr Network (ANKR)
– Aurora DAO (AURA)
– Bancor (BNT)
– Basic Attention Token (BAT)
– Binance Coin (BNB-ERC20)
– Binance Chain (BNB)
– Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB)
– Bitcoin (BTC)
– Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
– Cashaa (CAS)
– ChainLink (LINK)
– Crypterium (CRPT)
– (MCO)
– Chain (CRO)
– Dai (DAI)
– Dash (DASH)
– Decentraland (MANA)
– Digix DAO (DGD)
– Digix Gold (DGX)
– Enjin (ENJ)
– Ethereum (ETH)
– Everipedia (IQ)
– Gemini Dollar (GUSD)
– Gifto (GTO)
– Golem (GNT)
– Holo (HOT)
– Huobi Token (HT)
– IDEX Membership (IDXM)
– IDEX Token (IDEX)
– KuCoin Shares (KCS)
– Kyber Network (KNC)
– Loom (LOOM)
– Loopring (LRC)
– Maker (MKR)
– Mithril (MITH)
– Native Utility Token (NUT)
– Newdex (NDX
– Nexo (NEXO)
– OmiseGo (OMG)
– Orbs (ORBS)
– Paxos Sandart (PAX)
– Paytomat (PTI)
– Polymath (POLY)
– Populous (PPT)
– Prospectors Gold (PGL)
– Pundi X (NPXS)
– Reputation (Augur)(REP)
– Revain (R)
– Status (SNT)
– Tether USD (USDT)
– TrueUSD (TUSD)
– USD Coin (USDC)
– Walton (WTC)
– Wax Token (WAX)
– Ziliqa (ZIL)
+ More coming soon!

Note: It is your responsibility to backup your Private Key and key it secure. Never show it to anyone. If it is lost, forgotten, or stolen your cryptocurrency can be used by the person who has your key. Cryptocurrency on the BitStash wallet is securely stored on the device itself and not anywhere else.

Download the BitStash Wallet for Android Devices here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can acquire STASH from multiple exchanges online right now. Take a moment to view the the recommended cryptocurrency exchanges for getting STASH on our Exchange List page. You can also earn STASH from one of our many solutions.

Simply put STASH is a utility. The STASH token was created and is used for facilitating transactions and storing this data on the the blockchain. Several solutions have been and are currently being developed to interact with the STASH token in various ways. By holding STASH there is no promise of return nor a guarantee in any profits. STASH is not an investment contract and should not be viewed as such. The use of STASH is to act as a means of exchange for services, products, and goods.

Anyone can get involved with STASH, we encourage third-party development or DApp development for the use of STASH. Have your solution become featured on BitStash, plus even be rewarded in STASH. Not a developer, but want to help us grow the community? Reach out via email to get involved:

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