Over 1,200+ Products Available to Purchase with STASH


Over the last couple of weeks the BitStash Marketplace has been adding more products for holders of STASH to purchase. Currently there is roughly around 1,231 different products for you to purchase with STASH at this time. Over the next couple of months we will be adding even more products and options for holders of STASH (a cryptocurrency) to purchase products.

Why are we creating the BitStash Marketplace?

The BitStash Marketplace is the flagship eCommerce store to show what is possible with STASH and how the ecosystem is intended to work. The BitStash Marketplace is the first eCommerce platform to use our alpha payment solutions. As we continue testing the current existing payment solutions with STASH we will be able to test various features before releasing the LIVE payment solution for STASH.

We believe that there should be zero fees for both the vendor and customer while transacting in STASH. All of our payment solutions will be hosting 100% FREE of any additional fees or transaction costs.

What should you expect in the next few months from STASH?

Over the next few months we will continue adding additional products that can be purchased with cryptocurrency (STASH). Also we will be completing our V2 Whitepaper showing a technical overview of what STASH is used for and the problems STASH aims to provide solutions for. At the same time we anticipate a beta release of our first payment solution.