Release of the BitStash Wallet Extension on Google Chrome

The BitStash Wallet Extension has officially been released on the Google Chrome Extension Store. You can download it here for Google Chrome or the Brave Brower.

Download the BitStash Wallet Extension here:

What can the BitStash Wallet Extension do?

  • Create a lite wallet on the BitStash blockchain
  • Send and Receive STASH and BRC20 tokens
  • Create multiple wallets
  • Sign transactions
  • Login to Dapps (built on the BitStash blockchain)
  • Access NFTs
  • Access to the cross chain bridge

Note: Assets on the BitStash Wallet Extension are not natively staking like on the hardware qt wallet. In order to stake with the wallet extension, you will need to delegate to a super staker, which is discussed within the offline staking documentation.

This is just a short list of what the BitStash Wallet extension can do. Over the next few months we will be including in-depth tutorials going over the features listed above. We encourage developers looking to launch their own cryptocurrency, smart contract, or decentralized application to take a look at what the BitStash blockchain has to offer.

We look forward to working with other projects and developers and launching new projects on the BitStash Blockchain as we finalize the progress on the bridge.

BitStash ($STASH) is trading on Uniswap. You can trade with ETH