STASH Listed on EtherFlyer + 10M STASH Trading Competition


We are pleased to announce that STASH will officially be listed on EtherFlyer as of April 9th, 2019. Now, holders of STASH will be able to utilize the decentralized exchange to trade STASH by simply linking their ERC20 wallets. STASH will be traded against ETH (STASH/ETH).

What Is EtherFlyer?

EtherFlyer is a decentralized digital currency trading platform based on Ethereum smart contracts that supports ERC-20 type tokens. Etherflyer Exchange Server is a trading backend with high-speed performance, designed for cryptocurrency exchanges. The EtherFlyer exchange can support up to 10,000 trades per second.

How To Get Started (3 Simple Steps) :

    1. Create an EtherFlyer wallet or import an existing wallet address (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.)
    2. Deposit STASH from your ERC20 wallet to EtherFlyer
    3. Start trading STASH on EtherFlyer here:

STASH Token Trading Competition Hosted By EtherFlyer

We will be conducting our first ever trading competition with the help of EtherFlyer! All users who trade STASH on EtherFlyer will be ranked according to volume. The reward pool will consist of 10 Million STASH and will be dispersed among the top 300 users. The minimum trading volume to participate is 750 STASH. Check your ranking in the trading competition here:

15,000,000 STASH
21,000,000 STASH
3750,000 STASH
4-5010,000 STASH
51-3005,000 STASH

The trading competition will begin on April 9th and will come to an end on May 9th. Rewards will be distributed within the following week. Trade STASH on EtherFlyer here: