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BitStash (STASH)

STASH tokens are used to buy and sell products on the BitStash Marketplace. STASH can also be integrated on your existing eCommerce platform to be used as a form of payment.


Total Supply

6,000,000,000 STASH

Circulating Supply

2,800,000,000 STASH

Last Price

24 Hour Change

Market Cap

$ 0 USD

Utility of STASH


The BitStash Marketplace currency STASH, is the means to interact with the blockchain enabled cryptocurrency marketplace known as BitStash. It allows both buyers and sellers to complete transactions for products, goods, or services. The BitStash Marketplace is in Beta and will be providing on-going updates until ready for launch. STASH is a trusted method for conducting e-commerce transactions and can be integrated into an existing platform.

The STASH token is a win-win for all parties involved by receiving value for holding STASH tokens. Brands, Companies, Vendors, Wholesalers, Organizations & Shoppers all over the world can enjoy the benefits of holding STASH tokens. Take part in tax/duty free shopping via the BitStash Marketplace and more! STASH is currently trading on various popular exchanges allowing vendors or sellers to easily exchange STASH into any currency they desire.

STASH Token Economics

The STASH Token Economics are based on the amount needed to expand into USA, Europe, & Asia. Additionally the economics are also based on the amount needed to sustain the BitStash Fulfillment Center and Employees needed to maintain such a business.


STASH Token = 0.00000015 ETH


STASH Token = 0.00000025 ETH

Total Supply: 6 Billion STASH

STASH TokenCommunity
Billion STASH

STASH TokenBitStash Reserve
Billion STASH

STASH TokenDev & Team
Billion STASH

STASH TokenStrategic Partners
Billion STASH

Token Allocation

Community 46.6%
Reserve 20%
Team 16.7%
Partnerships 16.7%

Use of Proceeds

Expansion 45%
Development 25%
Operations 15%
Legal & Regulatory 15%

Platform Fees

Team Members 30%
Advertising 20%
Reserves 20%
Affiliates 15%
Legal Team 10%
Other Expenses 5%

STASH Trading on the Following Exchanges:

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With the BitStash Marketplace mobile app for Android & iOS we have the opportunity to be in everyone’s hands. Get notifications for unbeatable deals, giveaways, and more!

Coming Soon.


BitStash Marketplace Project & ICO Ratings:


STASH Payment Solutions

STASH aims to provide various payment solutions for eCommerce and in-store payments. As we continue development and testing of our flagship marketplace we will slowly be releasing stable releases of our payment solutions. Below you can see the various solutions we aim to provide in relation to our planned development.

eCommerce Payment Methods

Our development team is currently working on perfecting our existing eCommerce payment solution. At the same time the team is also converting the solutions to be compatible with other providers such as the following: WordPress, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, and various other eCommerce platforms. Allowing for a completely fee-less payment solution to be integrated into millions of eCommerce stores.

In-Store Payment Methods

Once we have successfully completed development on the eCommerce Payment Methods for STASH our team will begin working on the In-Store Payment Methods for STASH. Our initial approach is to integrate our payment system via QR Codes to allow for simple and easy transactions In-Store along with a traditional point of sale application that can be installed on a tablet / iPad or even a mobile phone to collect payments In-Store with STASH.

Mobile App Wallet
Tap to Pay
Hardware Wallet
More to be Revealed

Planned Development (Roadmap)

BitStash was founded in December of 2017.
ICO & Development
In July of 2018, BitStash hosted a Crowdsale to boost project funding and released the STASH Token.
Launch BitStash Marketplace
In the month of September BitStash Marketplace development completed and project launched.
Platform Marketing
At the start of 2019 BitStash Marketplace will begin marketing & advertising.
Brand Partnerships
Starting in 2019 - onward BitStash Marketplace will be searching for partnerships with Leading Brands and Product Suppliers.
eCommerce Payment Solutions
Our team anticipates by summer of 2019 we should have completed development on the first payment solutions plugin in a series of plugins for various eCommerce platforms.
In-Store Payment Solutions
After the completion of our eCommerce Payment Solutions our team will begin working on In-Store Payments via QR code to start. We anticipate this should take 2 - 3 months of testing and integrating with our existing model.
Mobile App Wallet
Our team is actively working on having a secure and reliable mobile application to hold and store your STASH. This development will take time before we release a stable version. At the same time we are exploring how tap-to-pay transactions will work within the mobile app as well.
Tap to Pay
As development continues on BitStash and the STASH token we will be releasing Tap to Pay mobile payment solutions for those using the STASH app wallet. We anticipate the tap to pay integration no later than December 2020.
Secure Hardware Wallet
Upon completion of developing the Payment Solutions for both eCommerce and In-Store Payments, BitStash will be developing a secure hardware wallet that will function in relation to the mobile app wallet already developed by this time.
Reach 2+ Million Sales
By December 2021 BitStash Marketplace aims to have acquired more than 2 million total sales on the platform.
More to be Revealed
As we progress into the upcoming years and development phases of BitStash and the STASH token we will begin to reveal more development plans and integrations.

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