STASH tokens have been Re-Listed on IDEX


As previously announced the old Token Contract for STASH has been removed from IDEX. This was in preparation for the Token Contract Migration and Swap which you can read about here:

The updated STASH Token Contract address is the following: 0x965f109d31ccb77005858defae0ebaf7b4381652

We request that all holders of STASH update their wallets with the new token address. (We understand this can be confusing please double check the contract address before sending STASH.)

STASH tokens are now trading on IDEX

The updated STASH token contract has been added to IDEX and is now available for trading. You may resume trading as normal with the new STASH tokens.

Start Trading here:

Missing STASH Tokens After Contract Migration

The team is aware that some holders of the old STASH token were not able to withdraw from some exchanges such as IDEX. We are currently working directly with IDEX and other exchanges to ensure that holders during the snapshot also receive their new STASH balances.

We wanted to thank the entire BitStash Community during this time for your patience with our developers and team, we all have been working around the clock to ensure that holders receive their proper allocation.

Our support email is:
Please understand responses will be delayed until the migration has officially completed.