Successful Crowdsale Completion of the BitStash Marketplace & STASH Token


In the month of July 2018 BitStash Marketplace started the Pre-Sale & Crowdsale Funding Phase. During this time BitStash was able to acquire the soft cap necessary to continue with project development. The entire BitStash Marketplace team is extremely thankful for our continued community support and appreciate all feedback received. Here at BitStash are delighted to announce that after 180 long days of development we have delivered the BitStash Marketplace and STASH Token.

ETH Raised: 103.4

Our team has realized that not all vendors we are reaching out to fully understand what cryptocurrency is, how it works, or the potential regarding our platform. Here at BitStash we aim to fix this problem and will be creating informational content regarding cryptocurrency, the benefits, use cases, and even how to utilize the BitStash Marketplace and our own cryptocurrency called the STASH Token.

This is great news, we hope to build the awareness of cryptocurrency with the manufacturing industry, retail industry, delivery industry, and more. It will take time educating the general public, but here at BitStash we are more than ready to take the world on. Starting in more than 5 countries our goal is to have more than 1,000 vendors by the end of 2019.

What has been achieved and what is NEW with the updated BitStash Marketplace:

  1. Completely new design and layout
  2. Simpler category organization
  3. All transactions are completed in STASH
  4. New vendor registration method
  5. Easier product listing for vendors
  6. Streamline customer orders & tracking information
  7. All vendors to set shipping by county or location
  8. USD base display price for easy understanding prices
  9. + many more features which will be referenced in tutorials