Need Support? A Complete Support Center is being Developed

support-center-being-developed (1)

Providing an in-depth support section for those using STASH tokens has been on our development to-do list. Over the next few weeks we will be developing a complete support center where you can find tutorials and guides for using STASH.

Some of the support topics include the following:

  • Buying Products with STASH
  • Selling Products with STASH
  • How to Earn Rewards
  • How to Accept STASH via Trust Wallet
  • How to Connect with MetaMask
  • How to Send STASH
  • How to Receive STASH
  • and various other topics that will be covered within the Support Center for BitStash.

As more solutions are created and development continues along, we will be able to address all future inquiries via the BitStash Support Center as well as our Telegram Channel. We believe creating an easy-to-use marketplace with clear explanations on how things work is key for community growth within the BitStash Marketplace.

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