Swap your STASH & Start Staking on the New BitStash Blockchain

After the release of the anticipated BitStash Blockchain, our developers went to work on creating a cross blockchain swap platform that could support swapping the ERC20 based STASH token to the new BitStash Blockchain and STASH coin.

Completing a series of tests required to get such a decentralized application running has come to an end. We are pleased to officially release the BitStash Swap platform for those to migrate to the new blockchain.

In this article you will learn exactly how to swap the ERC20 based STASH token to the new BitStash Blockchain and STASH coin.

Getting Started

If you do not already have the ERC20 STASH token, you can acquire some from Uniswap here.

Once you have STASH in your MetaMask wallet simply visit swap.bitstash.co here you will be able to complete the swap of your ERC20 tokens to the coin.

How to Swap STASH tokens to STASH coins

  1. Visit https://swap.bitstash.co/
  2. Enter your BitStash Blockchain Wallet Address (starts with a b)
    You can download the BitStash Wallet here if you have not already.
  3. Enter the amount of ERC20 tokens you wish to swap.
    Note: the swap ratio from token to coin is 1:1
  4. Once the transaction has been confirmed your coins will be sent.

Note: You may need to select in the box above the “STASH Address” and press backspace or delete to enable the transfer / swap button.

The STASH Wallet Balance (Admin): is the total STASH available at any given time for swapping. If there is not a sufficient amount when your are trying to swap please let us know in telegram and it will be refilled.

Video Overview and Tutorial

Why Swap your STASH tokens to STASH Coins

Soon, the BitStash Blockchain will be developing more services, utilities, and decentralized applications which can be used only on the BitStash Blockchain and Network.

While on the BitStash Blockchain and Network, users will be able to move more freely compared to other blockchains such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

With lower transaction fees, faster transactions per second, and higher security its a win-win to develop and join the BitStash Blockchain. Additionally you can only earn staking rewards while on the BitStash Blockchain and not with the ERC20 version of STASH.

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