Track your STASH on Coin Gecko right now!


You can now track the price of STASH with Coin Gecko! View the price, volume, market cap, create widgets, and more for STASH on Coin Gecko here.

Coin Gecko is an advanced aggregator of various cryptocurrencies and provides high quality price analytical data. The team at the BitStash Marketplace (STASH) are extremly pleased to see that various platforms such as Coin Gecko are listing our project on their platform. This allows for not only the awareness of the BitStash Marketplace, but more importantly we are able to use their API and other services to provide our users a more streamline marketplace to interact on. This has allowed for our developers to get the current price of STASH for various application use cases. Many exchanges will also require that we be listed on platforms such as Coin Gecko, Crypto Compare, or Coin Market Cap.

Want to have the BitStash Marketplace (STASH) price widget on your website? Use the following code below to have the same widget on your website.

Widget #1 (view widget code here)
Widget #2 (view widget code here)