Trust Wallet Integration with the BitStash Marketplace Buy Products with Cryptocurrency on your Phone Today

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At the launch of the BitStash Marketplace DApp the first integrated wallet was MetaMask. Which has become an industry standard while interacting with DApps such as the BitStash Marketplace. However, MetaMask can not be installed on mobile phones, thus making transactions inconvenient on the phone or nearly impossible.

Today, the BitStash Marketplace has integrated with the Trust Wallet (owned & used by Binance) to enable holders of Cryptocurrency on their mobile phones to purchase products. Easily add STASH to the Trust Crypto Wallet on either Android or iOS, than simply complete checkout and receive your product within just a few days. (Note: all vendors may not ship to your location)

How to Purchase Products on your Mobile Phone using the Trust Crypto Wallet?

  1. Install the Trust Wallet.
  2. Browse products & checkout (Trust Wallet will open right where you left off).
  3. Deposit & pay with STASH using the Trust Wallet on your phone.

It is that simple. You do not need to copy or paste any complicated addresses or transaction information while completing payment. All this transaction data is collected and automatically included when using the Trust Wallet.

Try it out today, browse the BitStash Marketplace on your mobile phone. Add a product to the cart and complete payment with the Trust Wallet!