Updates and Improvements Planned & Scheduled

Ongoing – Website re-design & update to clearly display our vision and goals for BitStash and soon the BitStash Blockchain / Network.
Sneak preview of what is to come  Quarter 4 (2020) – Quarter 2 (2021) RoadmapWe are pleased to announce the Bitstash Team will be taking a major step forward to further the BitStash platform and reach new heights. We are beyond excited to finally share this announcement and have been planning this for a while. Below you will find our Q4 (2020) – Q2 (2021) Roadmap giving you our vision into the near future. 

First thing is first, in the coming week, we will be releasing a new website to properly represent the direction that BitStash will be headed. The website will also include an extremely detailed roadmap outlining all plans and features to come.

Q4 (2020)
BitStash will be taking a step away from being an ERC20 Token. BitStash will be hard-forked from QTUM Blockchain and the BitStash Blockchain and STASH Coin will be created.

The Max supply of STASH will be drastically reduced and a token swap will occur. All details regarding this will be released at the appropriate time ensuring all holders of STASH will receive their new coins.

For the users who prefer Ethereum, we will be creating a wrapped STASH token compatible with ERC20 Token wallets. More details to follow.

Q1 (2021)
In the past, we have been approved to list on many top level exchanges, so entering 2021 we will be announcing new exchanges in which STASH will be listed on.

BitStash Mobile Wallets will be developed and released on both Android and IoS platforms so users can easily store and transfer coins on the go.

An updated whitepaper outlining the future of BitStash, tokenomics and all use cases is in the works and will be released.

Q2 (2021)
The BitStash Team will be introducing De-Fi and asset backed stable coins to the BitStash Chain.

Enable projects to create tokens and launch ICOs on the BitStash Blockchain.

We hope you are half as excited for the future of BitStash as we are. We appreciate all of our supporters and investors and would like to thank you all in advance for your patience as we make this vision become a reality.

This is just a slight glimpse of all of the things we have in store so be sure to stay updated as there will be many announcements in the next following months. 

Connect with online at https://bitstash.co/ or on telegram here: https://t.me/bitstashmarketplace

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