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Crowdsale Dates, Token Details, & Allocations

Find all the token details and facts about BitStash and the STASH Token here. Additionally please take a moment to review our whitepaper as well here.

Token Name: BitStash
Symbol: STASH
Total Supply: 36,000,000,000 STASH
Protocol: ERC20
Sponsor Sale: May 2018
Pre-ICO: June 2018
Crowdsale: July 2018
Token Price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH
Bonus Levels: Level 1 30% Bonus (First 100 ETH); Level 2 20% (First 500 ETH); Level 3 10% (First 1,000 ETH); Level 4 5% (First 10,000 ETH); Level 5 3% (First 20,000 ETH)


STASH Token Facts

  • When purchasing with STASH you will receive 2 – 10% off select products.
  • STASH Token holders receive quarterly airdrops from marketplace fees (10%).
  • STASH soon can be used to buy items on the marketplace.
  • STASH will have it’s own internal cryptocurrency exchange.
  • STASH Tokens will be listed on top exchanges after ICO.
  • Crowdsale 66%
  • Team 15%
  • Advisors & Bounty 5%
  • Reserve Fund 13%

STASH Token Contract Address:

The following address is for the STASH token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

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