BitStash Listed on Bamboo Relay a 0x Powered Decentralized Exchange


We are pleased to announce STASH has officially been listed on Bamboo Relay!

STASH will be trading against WETH. Bamboo Relay is a decentralized exchange with no fees, that is powered by the 0x Protocol for both on-chain and off-chain trades. When trading with WETH on Bamboo Relay it auto converts from ETH to WETH while placing a trade. You can learn more about what WETH is here: Additionally, Bamboo Relay does not require an email address to start trading. All that is required is an ERC20 token address. (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.)

One of the single greatest improvements that has been made by Bamboo Relay in comparison to other decentralized exchanges is the batching of transactions and smart contract calls. What this practically means is that you no longer have to approve tokens, wrap Ether and place orders in 3 separate steps. Instead, users are now presented with a multi-stage popup and can complete all of this in a single action.

The first Coordinator demo implementation for 0x is currently live on Bamboo Relay, where you can now find the best prices for DAI and WBTC across all DEXs. Additionally, Bamboo Relay is taking advantage of off-chain order cancellations which greatly reduces the Ethereum fees for both Bamboo Relay and it’s users. Bamboo Relay is slowly becoming the most predominant DEX available to users worldwide!

STASH has been verified and is available for trading on Bamboo Relay. Trade STASH on Bamboo Relay instantly by clicking the following link below.