Earn Cryptocurrency Today! BitStash Launches 3-Tier Crypto Affiliate Program 1

In addition to being able to buy or sell products on the BitStash Marketplace, users can now become an affiliate after creating an account on the BitStash Marketplace. This is a great way for someone to start earning additional revenue from their website, mobile app, or even social media channels. Anyone can become an affiliate and start using the pre-made promotional material on your networks of choosing. In return you will earn a percent of the total order amount, plus your they will get what they ordered in just a few days. It is a win-win for everyone involved, get started today by becoming a BitStash Marketplace Affiliate.

Earn Cryptocurrency Today! BitStash Launches 3-Tier Crypto Affiliate Program 2
BitStash Marketplace Affiliate Program Dashboard

The above image is what the BitStash Marketplace Affiliate Program Dashboard looks like. From here users can view recent referrals, visits, conversion rate, earnings, and more all from one location. It is highly recommended that you reference the help section to learn more about how affiliates can maximize their efforts by creating campaigns and tracking their progress.

What to become an Affiliate? Start by creating an account or logging in to your existing account on the BitStash Marketplace here. After you have logged in, simple select on the “Affiliate” menu within the left column. You will be presented with the option to become an affiliate. Once you have become an affiliate you will be able to view the above dashboard and start sharing your unique referral urls.

Important note: If someone uses your affiliate link to visit the BitStash Marketplace and does not checkout, however returns within 14 days you will be rewarded for that purchase. (cookie tracking) You will also earn lifetime referral rewards on all future purchases completed by those you refer to the BitStash Marketplace.

How Much Can Someone Earn Becoming an Affiliate with the BitStash Marketplace?

Becoming an Affiliate on the BitStash Marketplace, it’s a great way to start earning STASH and potentially even supplemental income for your efforts in referring customers to purchase a product with STASH on the BitStash Marketplace. As you start referring more users to the marketplace, each affiliate can move up to the next level and earn more per transaction. There are 4 levels available for the BitStash Marketplace allowing affiliates to earn up to 10% of the completed order value. You can start earning by sending your friends or family an email letting them know they can buy something on the BitStash Marketplace with cryptocurrency.

  • Level 1: 2% of the order amount (not including shipping costs)
  • Level 2: 5% of the order amount (not including shipping costs) *Requires 100 Referrals
  • Level 3: 7.5% of the order amount (not including shipping costs) *Requires 200 Referrals
  • Level 4: 10% of the order amount (not including shipping costs) *Requires 500 Referrals

In addition to each of the above referenced levels, affiliates are incentivized to become leaders within their community and create teams. Affiliates can earn small amounts from their referred team members up to 3-Tiers or levels deep. The following structure for team members is referenced below:

  • Tier 1 Team Members: 0.5% of total order amount (not including shipping costs)
  • Tier 2 Team Members: 0.3% of total order amount (not including shipping costs)
  • Tier 3 Team Members: 0.2% of total order amount (not including shipping costs)

The BitStash Maketplace Affiliate Program starts today, April 30th, 2019. There is no foreseen end date at this time for the affiliate program. BitStash or BitStash Marketplace, does not guarantee any financial or monetary gain by participating in the BitStash Marketplace Affiliate Program. All rewards will be paid in STASH once the threshold of $50 USD has been reached. All referrals are subject to final approval, only orders that have been delivered and completed will be rewarded. The reward amounts are subject to change at anytime, reference the affiliate dashboard for all current payment rates. 90 days of inactivity as an affiliate will result in account termination. In this case, the user would need to reapply as an affiliate if they want the account reinstated.

Visit the BitStash Marketplace or Create an Account today.

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